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Web Apps

Apple iOS now supports PWA’s !!
PWA’s are now integrated into
the vast majority of all mobile
& tablet devices.

Though they still have some minor drawbacks
though some major ++ pluses over
mobile store apps.
The developer community has been
integrating PWA’s for some time.

Some notable PWA users are;
Forbes, Twitter, Uber, to mention a few.
Developers cannot overlook the
growth & integration future of PWA’s like
an unknown, why?
They have many advantages for
developers client & market demand.
The movement of PWA integration is been driven by developer & client demand support
of a PWA integrated hosted environment.
It is in constant growth of development.

+ Plus

We can install PWAs in the most common
user-based mobile devices + desktop OS.
This gives us the largest target user based
the audience we need to be exposed to…
Android, iOS, iPadOS,
Windows 10 (
and future 10X), Windows 7, Windows 8.x, macOS,
Linux 64 bits, Chrome OS.

PWA’s for us are your website
delivered as an app.

Why Convert your
WordPress website into
a PWA?

Optimizing your website for
mobile devices make
more sense than creating
an app for it.

They look & behave
visually just like your mobile
store apps!

The process is easy!

BENEFITS? Yes Please!

PWA’s have some limitations, but also
have their own numerous advantages.

Limitations & Advantages?

Currently, PWA’s have various limitations in the function of matching an income stream on the features that match either Google Android or Apple iOS app store apps.
However being an app of income stream limitations matched to native app income options, they do have a near enough matched functionality,
look & feel like a native app.

PWA’s can still monetise
income through their apps.

An extra layer of marketing & advertising armoury for
clients at little effort to integrate.

PWA Income & services

[ 1 ]

Pwa’s have the option to
monetize your app using adverts.

[ 2 ]

Take advantage of subscriptions.
Subscriptions can be offered as
a premium service to extra content.

Newyork Times PWA is a good example
of offering paid subscriptions to
premium content at extra cost.

You can also add the removal
of advertising as
a premium paid service,
mirroring some of the tactics of many
Google & Apple store apps.

[ 3 ]
Push Notifications

Take advantage of push notifications.
With push notifications, you can let your
subscribers, website visitors
& PWA users know
you are running a current
or future offer or
there is new content they
might be interested in.
In turn, you subvert more traffic
to your product.

As we know…

Smartphones are tech that is mobile
with you wherever you go,
they dominate the internet market.

[ 4 ]

PWA shopping through
an e-commerce shop
is also achievable,
We have not explored this enough to know
the full experience to
securely say it’s a fine working system.
It is currently our desire for our e-commerce websites
to be bundled with
a full functioning e-commerce PWA.
If we find the PWA shopping to be ideal to
our standards & clients to be satisfied.
We are happy to trial your e-commerce
packaged as a PWA.

PWA Extra

Set up custom icons & splash screens.
Enables users to save
& share your posts.

Automatic updates when you
publish new content.
Get analytics about your app users.
Users can zoom in on images.
Periodic background syncs with
your website
keep viewers updated on website content changes.

Future Note

Community developer & client-driven PWA development
is making PWA’s into the new desired app.

PWA’s are set to be the advantage over
native mobile store apps in
matched & extended function.

If you are either a blogger or you base your site
on information delivery
or maybe you are a business making your services public,
then PWA’s are ideal.
If you are an e-commerce shop then a PWA may suit.
If you are a heavy media-oriented website, such as a photographer’s portfolio then a PWA is unlikely to be suitable.

We can help you clarify
if a PWA will suit
your needs.

Technical Insight

What are Progressive Web Apps?

PWA’s are purposeful to run on either
your smart mobile or tablet devices in
much the same manner as your native
Android & Apple store apps.

To give you an insight into
PWA’s relative to native apps

Native applications are known for being incredibly rich and reliable. They’re ever-present, on home screens, docks, and taskbars. They work regardless of network connection. They launch in their own standalone experience. They can read and write files from the local file system, access hardware connected via USB, serial or Bluetooth, and even interact with data stored on your devices, like contacts and calendar events. In native applications, you can do things like taking pictures, see playing songs listed on the home screen, or control song playback while in another app. Native applications feel like part of the device they run on.

Like native apps

Progressive Web Apps are web applications that have been designed so they are capable, reliable, and installable in much the same manner as native apps

Installed Progressive Web Apps run in a standalone window instead of a browser tab. They’re launchable from on the user’s home screen, dock, taskbar, or shelf. It’s possible to search for them on a device and jump between them with the app switcher, making them feel like part of the device they’re installed on.

When a Progressive Web App moves out of a tab and into a standalone app window, it transforms how users think about it and interacts with it.

Progressive Web Apps provide you with a unique opportunity to deliver a web experience your users will love. Using the latest web features to bring native-like capabilities and reliability, Progressive Web Apps allow what you build to be installed by anyone, anywhere, on any device with a single codebase.

For example, Twitter saw a 65% increase in pages per session, 75% more Tweets, and a 20% decrease in bounce rate, all while reducing the size of their app by over 97%.
After switching to a PWA.

– Mostly quoted from
[ https://web.dev/what-are-pwas/ ]
as they explained it rather well.


We can help with
social media
management & services

We help establish
your presence through the most favoured
social media platforms.


It is to be an ongoing process
of management
then we will direct you to
a local social media


We can link you
to established social media
management tools & supply resources

for your own assistance.

The Social Media

We recommend individually or combination
Ideal for their outreach, popularity
& extended service options.

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